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Vega Automation Systems Ltd.

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Since 1999, Vega Automation Systems has been dedicated to keeping our diverse clientele happy. Based in Woodbridge, Ontario, Vega Automation is a leading manufacturer of door pre-hanging equipment. We also design and build machinery for use in a variety of industrial settings. It’s this flexibility that sets Vega Automation Systems apart from our competitors. We can conceptualize, design and build machines to suit the specific needs of clients in any industry. Our equipment have been utilized in the automotive industry, PVC extrusion, woodworking and the metal industry.  

When customers go to other manufacturers, they only have a small selection of standard manufacturing machines: their mentality is, “This is what we offer, so this is what you’ll get.” Here at Vega Automation Systems, we don’t tell the customer what they’re getting—they tell us. Each machine is built from scratch and tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We make it our personal mission to improve our customers’ production speed and quality while lowering their overhead costs. 

 Vega Automation Systems is committed to helping companies meet and exceed their production goals.